Nicci.doula Bereavement Doula

How I can assist you as Bereavement Doula

As your Perinatal Bereavement Doula I will act as a guide for bereaved parents’ journey, and with the help of other professionals, I hope to help bereaved parents adjust to the “new normal.” I was also the first Bereavement Doula in South Africa to be TAGI approved, which means I also supply parents with a beautiful Angel Gown™️ from The Angel Gown Initiative (TAGI.)

As a seasoned bereavement doula, I will:

  • Help you meet your baby with compassion
  • Prepare you for what your beautiful baby may look like
  • Provide you with a beautiful Angel Gown™️ from The Angel Gown Initiative
  • Encourage you to take your time with your little one
  • Help you manage the arrival of family and friends in your time of loss and help them find ways to express their grief while being of support in yours
  • Teach you how to keep your baby’s temperature just right so you and your family may spend more time with him or her
  • Call family and friends if that is your wish
  • Take infant portraits and family portraits
  • Help you create a memory box for your baby — including a lock of hair, foot and hand prints, and more.
  • Advocate for you at the hospital, to make sure you are in an area free from other baby or labour sounds that may be difficult
  • Talk to you, listen to you, hold the birth space sacred
  • If your hospital does not issue an birth certificate due to baby’s age, your bereavement birth worker will create one for you
  • Assist you to make contact with baby-centred funeral services or any other funeral home of your choice, who will help you plan for a service, blessing, Christening, ceremony or other memorial or remembrance as you see fit

NCOT and nicci.doula is TAGI approved!